Election Countdown 4 – Democracy

Cath Gledhill and myself have achieved a fundamental objective by the very fact that there is an election. Democracy has returned to Pocklington.



In May 2015 only 13 people put up for the 13 places on PTC because no one wanted to work with the current councillors due to their incompetence and bullying.

Co-option Results in The Same

If no election was called the current PTC would have co-opted one of their muckers to strengthened their hold over the town.

By 15 people requesting an election that is now a decision for the people. 6 people have put up for the election.

I can assure PTC that never again will they be able to co-opt. The people will decide.

In May 2019 all 13 places will be decided by the people. The clock is ticking.


PTC complain that very few residents or businesses volunteer to help at “their” events.

Why would they when the PTC believes it is acceptable to bully them?

Long live democracy

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