Disabled Access – Betterton Court Route

On Tuesday I accepted an invitation to walk with a gentleman who uses a motorised wheelchair from Betterton Court to the town.

Obstacle 1


To cross the first Post Office junction wheelchair users must navigate the pot holes and no dropped kerbs

Obstacle 2


At the second Post Office junction another bad road surface needs to be navigated.

Obstacle 3


Next is another missing dropped kerb

Obstacle 4


If disabled residents managed to get past the first three stages of the obstacle course they then find themselves marooned on the new seating area. Why was there no dropped kerb built in?

Obstacle 5


Next is this wonderful dropped kerb.


At this point I ceased to take photos. I had seen enough. ERYC have failed to fulfil the most fundamental of duties.

I will raise the issue with ERYC and request immediate action.

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