Resident’s Messages For Mayor Sykes

After publishing the outburst by Mayor Sykes, the civic representative for Pocklington, last night I have received the following messages from residents.


  • OMG what a disgusting show from this JOBSWORTH
  • Depriving you of your citizen’s rights how rude. Will send him a Guide to the Human Rights Act for Public Authorities, he might learn a thing or two.
  • I really do not see how your approach was not relevant, it concerned a very serious accusation made about you on social media, most relevantly by this member of PTC. Sadly they cut you down and re-opened the meeting, by doing that no members of the public present were allowed to speak.
  • Absolutely disgusting.
  • SHOCKING BEHAVIOUR why is everyone so angry these days?
  • This doesn’t sound like “grown ups” are sitting in council for Pocklington. You sound like school kids.
  • Grow up people, stop being stupid and personal do what is best for the town.
  • Human rights are clearly defined and protected under British, European and international laws. One effect of these laws is to oblige our local councils, to treat everyone with dignity, respect and fairness. Another is to protect people’s right to voice their ideas openly and to peacefully protest if they disagree with government actions or policies.
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