Pock Town Council Request Parking Space Reduction

Residents will be shocked to learn that it is Pocklington Town Council who are requesting the removal of the four parking spaces outside Burnby Hall Gardens.


Residents Opinions

From the dozen or so responses I have received, asking residents opinion as to whether they want a turning area or the parking spaces, only two wanted the turning area.

Of these two one is a town councillor and the other is closely aligned with the town council.

Many, like myself, mentioned the fact that they never have a problem manoeuvering in the area.

Residents Representation

Residents at this stage are represented by PTC, myself and the other two Ward Councillors who are Conservatives.

I am of the opinion that the other two Ward members will support the PTC. At this point the residents wishes would not be respected with a 3 to 1 vote.

As parking is such an important issue I have asked the Pocklington Post to cover this story so that more residents can voice their opinion.

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