Anti Fracking

I have and always will be anti fracking as I have two major concerns:

  1. Our aquifer could be polluted as there has never been a leak proof pipe.
  2. ERYC may have to spend millions clearing up any damaged caused after wells are decommissioned.

frack-sum_2044313bWhy Attack Me?

I am the only one of the 67 ERYC Ward Councillors who constantly states an anti fracking position.

So why does a certain section of the anti fracking movement constantly perpetuate false statements that I am not anti fracking?

Why do they not seek a personal statement from any of the 48 Conservative Ward Councillors?


The only conclusion I can draw is that there are those within the anti fracking movement who are Conservative and are attempting to discredit the only none Conservative Ward Councillor in the area.

I await 48 personal Conservative statements!


NB: Please see correction – Councillor David Robson

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