What A Mess – Solution Next Time

Pocklington Town centre continues to be in a mess over 36 hours after the Christmas Event on Wednesday night.


It is one thing enjoying the evening but cleaning up immediately after the event should be a fundamental priority.

I have received numerous phone calls from residents and businesses disgusted in the state Pocklington has been left in.

ERYC officers have assured me that the bins will be emptied this morning and that the street will be mechanically swept tomorrow morning.


Moving Forward

Unfortunately Pocklington Town Council failed to inform the ERYC street cleaning people of the event.

Following my phone conversation with ERYC officers I am pleased to confirm that a meeting with ERYC officers and the Town Clerk took place this morning to prevent a such a failure next year.

In future, if Pocklington Town Council inform ERYC of an event, extra bins will be made available, bins will be emptied and the street cleaned.

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