Complaint 1 – Full Sutton Obsessive Campaign

This is the first of a series of articles demonstrating why I have not breached the ERYC Code of Conduct.

Complaint 1


Please see Glebe Avenue – Entrance To Be Cut Back

“Could it be that the Clerk Clare Finley and Sarah Davis, wife of one the Parish Councillors, are too busy with their obsessive campaign against me to ensure public safety?”


  1. I made no statement I asked questions.
  2. Both Claire Findlay (Full Sutton Parish Council Clerk) and Sarah Davies (Wife of a Full Sutton Parish Council Councillor and alleged employee of Pocklington School) have a hate campaign against me as witnessed by those on social media in the Pocklington area.
  3. This complaint is part of the hate campaign against me.
  4. The Full Sutton Parish Council failed to ensure public safety by not having the hedge cut back.

My Position

The statement is my questions/opinion and I stand by them.

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