ERYC Byelaw Cover Up

Despite my requests to do so ERYC have refused to publish their byelaws online. This is in addition to preventing lawful access to them. After a five month battle, on 19 February 2016, I finally exercised my right to see the byelaws, held by ERYC.


Byelaws Online

As an ERYC Councillor I will once again request ERYC publish all their byelaws online.

I have a hard copy of every ERYC byelaw.

Why do ERYC not want its residents to have online access to byelaws which control their lives?


As can be seen below, the legislation states:

“A copy of the byelaws, when confirmed, shall be printed and deposited at the offices of the authority by whom the byelaws are made”

ERYC had existed for nearly two decades, and until 19 February 2016, to deal with my request to view them, they have failed this fundamental requirement. This failure has made all byelaws held by ERYC unenforceable for the past 20 years.



  1. Fines of up to £2,500 have been unlawfully issued to countless people for breaching unenforceable byelaws.
  2. ERYC MUST now refund all these fines.
  3. Those who have been unlawfully prosecuted may have wrongly received a criminal record.
  4. This criminal record could have affected family life, business and even holidays abroad.

Byelaw Restrictions

Restrictions on byelaws affect much of our life, especially our social life, including taxis, opening hours, children’s play, fishing, bait digging, cycling, bathing, kite flying, camping, dogs, walking, railways and canals.

Further Information

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