RSPCA Compared To IS

In the Driffield School Newsletter Animal Rights have been compared to IS. On page 7 it states:

“At present nationally, the greatest resource is devoted to preventing people from joining or supporting the so called Islamic State (IS) group, its affiliates and related groups. More locally, the East Riding’s main priorities are far right extremism, animal rights and anti-fracking.”rspca_logo_bigHow can Driffield School/East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) compare those like the RSPCA, Save The Whale groups and those raising money for a Donkey Sanctuary with the Islamic State?

When I asked Nigel Pearson, Chief Executive of ERYC:

“Is this the opinion of Driffield School or do we have information to support this statement? If there is, could I please request the information?”

He informed me:

“I am extremely busy at the present time and I have nothing further to add.”


What is the reason for a school attempting to brain wash people into thinking RSPCA members are a terrorist threat to the UK?

Driffield School and ERYC should issue an immediate apology for not only making this appalling statement but also for Nigel Pearson’s failure to deal with the matter in an appropriate manner.

I have discussed the disgraceful situation with my MEP Jane Collins.

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