Bus Station Electronic Sign

A resident, who reported the Pocklington Bus Station electronic sign not working three weeks ago, requested my assistance this afternoon.


I can confirm that an engineer will be doing a site visit at the earliest opportunity. There is concern that the sign, due to its age, may not be replaceable.

If the sign is not replaceable due to financial constraints standard timetables would have to be displayed.

R – Thank you for drawing this to my attention.

Reporting Issues

Option 1

Report any ERYC issues to your Parish/Town Council and request them to report to ERYC. Each Parish/Town Council Clerk will have certain contacts at ERYC.

Option 2

Report to the ERYC. Please see the ERYC website

Option 3

Raise the issue with one of your ERYC Ward Councillors. I am one of the three for Pocklington Provincial.

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