Councillors Partying With Peacock Named

In ERYC Conservative Councillors Partying With Peacock I stated that by close of business on Friday I will start to name each Councillor. As many will be enjoying office parties later today I have moved the announcement forward.

Party Attendees

  • Councillor Kerri Harold, who receives additional payment for Chairing the Children and Younger People Committee.


  • Councillor David Elvidge, who also receives additional payment. He Chairs the Environment and Regeneration Committee.
  • A member of the local Conservative Association.
  • An ERYC Officer.


The party was hosted by Kerri Harold in August 2016. The building which was built without planning permission was used.


To have two Councillors who are both paid to chair ERYC Committees, a member of the local Conservative Association and an ERYC Officer partying with the disgraced Peacock demonstrates what a charade the “disciplining” of Peacock is.

To make matters worse the party is held in a building owned by a Councillor which did not have planning permission.

Year Of Shame

This year ERYC Conservative Councillors have

  1. Made vile comments about Jo Cox
  2. Being charged with child abuse allegations
  3. Been exposed for none payment of Council Tax for four consecutive years.
  4. Issued an enforcement notice for breaching planning legislation.
  5. Partied with the disgraced Peacock.

Is there any wonder the Conservatives have experienced two major bye election defeats?

Actions Required

To bring credibility back to ERYC after a year of scandal

  1. Harold and Elvidge must have their Chairships removed.
  2. Harold and Elvidge must be removed from the Conservative group, their local Association and the Conservative Party.
  3. Peacock, Harold and Elvidge must all stand down so a full bye election can be called in Minster and Woodmansey Ward.
  4. The Conservative Party must investigate the local Conservative Association.
  5. A Portfolio must be created for Whistle Blowing and Transparency. (This to be financed by removing the recently created Community Involvement and Local Partnerships Portfolio.)
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