Meaningful Term of Office

As a Buddhist my term in office must be meaningful for the benefit of others. Since April I have enjoyed working with a cross-section of people including:


  1. ERYC Officers
  2. Fellow ERYC councillors
  3. All six Parish Councils
  4. Schools and
  5. Residents

to achieve this objective.

Today I was rather surprised to receive a request from Pocklington Town Council (PTC) to have a meeting with them “to discuss a way forward” as I have found them to be petty minded and childish to date.

Unfortunately PTC are unable to state what exactly they require of me. As such I consider the request for a meeting after over seven months to be a mere paper exercise and a waste of my time.

Moving Forward

As it appears PTC are happy to work with Councillor Mole and Councillor West I will leave them to work together.

I will continue to enjoy working with the six Parish councils and local residents, including those from Pocklington, to ensure my term in office is meaningful.

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