Victim of Police Intimidation and Harassment

Like many others I am enjoying the Christmas/New Year period to catch up on some rest. Yesterday, after an afternoon sampling real ale with a friend in York, my wife and I enjoyed a Chinese takeaway.


As we settled down for the night there was a knock at our door. I was greeted to the sight of a Police 4×4 on our drive and two Police officers. After inviting the officers in they informed me that they had been ordered to deliver a message to me from Inspector Coulthard, Community Inspector Beverley Ward Area. The message was:

“Not to contact Councillor Kerri Harold via private message on social media”


  1. I have never contacted Conservative Councillor Kerri Harold via private message on social media.
  2. Will Humberside Police now be visiting me on a regular basis to inform me not to undertake other activities I have never undertaken?
  3. Humberside Police have no lawful right to harass and intimidate.
  4. Since when did Humberside Police become a messenger service for ERYC Conservatives?
  5. Humberside Police acted ultra vires by “delivering” the message.
  6. Humberside Police, at a time of cut backs, wasted valuable resources being a messenger service.
  7. Inspector Coulthard is on leave until January 3rd.

Moving Forward – Humberside Police

  1. I have requested the full paper trial.
  2. I hope to discuss the harassment and intimidation with a senior officer this morning.
  3. I will request to be informed under what legislation permitted Inspector Coulthard to order two officers to deliver me the message.
  4. I will request a full and unreserved apology from Humberside Police and Inspector Coulthard.

Legal Action

I will discuss the matter with my legal advisors.

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