ERYC Social Media Policy

I am shocked to read that the ERYC Social Media Policy breaches my human rights and those of all ERYC employees


“2.8 You must not invite elected Members to be your friends on social networking sites nor should you accept invitations from them to be their friend or make postings on their blog. The code of conduct for employees makes it clear that close personal familiarity between employees and elected Members is to be avoided.”

The ERYC Social Media Policy breaches my human rights as a member and those of all ERYC employees. For example

  • Article 8: Respect for your private and family life

The concept of private life covers your right to develop your personal identity and to forge friendships and other relationships.

  • Article 9: Freedom of thought, belief and religion

Public authorities cannot stop you practising your religion.

  • Article 10: Freedom of expression

This includes the right to express your views aloud or through published articles, books or leaflets, television or radio broadcasting, works of art, and the internet and social media.

Complaint To ERYC

I have registered a complaint with ERYC for the breaching of fundamental human rights of both members and ERYC employees.

I have requested immediate confirmation that ERYC employees can be friends of ERYC members on Facebook.

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