CEO Bullies Councillor Over Whistle-Blower

Over the past month or so East Riding of Yorkshire Council Chief Executive Nigel Pearson has attempted to bully me on numerous occasions in an attempt to secure the name of a whistle-blower from me. This is in breach of the ERYC Whistle Blowing policy which states

“(a whistle-blower) if you feel it is right to take the matter outside the Council, an elected member of the Council is a possible contact point.”

I will never release the name of a whistle-blower.


I received information regards possible Child Abuse in the East Riding. I forwarded the full information to Nigel Pearson and Justine Curran, Chief Constable, Humberside Police. But did not reveal the name of the whistle-blower.

Justine Curran has not stated the final conclusions of her investigations into the allegations.

Nigel Pearson’s Bullying

The following is a selection of the bullying I was subjected to in a tirade of emails from the ERYC Chief Executive attempting to intimidate me into revealing the name of a whistle-blower.

  • You must pass the full details on to the Chief Constable and I without delay.
  • May I now please request you to give me the name of the council officer who gave you the information, by return. 
  • I must now ask you to give me the name of the council officer preferably with her job title if you know it together with any further details you may have in order that I can investigate this matter further.
  • The name of the council officer is not something which you can keep private in my view and as an Elected Member you should not withhold it.
  • ( I asked “Could you please forward our whistleblowing policy?”) (reply)Yes, I will but can I please have the officer’s name immediately.
  • I must insist that you give me the officer’s name as you can have no justifiable reason for withholding it especially since it relates to a children’s safeguarding concern.
  • Please may I have it now without any further delay.
  • Can I now please have the name of the officer by the end of today as I think this has gone on for long enough and you have failed to give me any reason whatsoever as to why you will not give it to me.


Nigel Pearson has twice crossed the line.

  1. By bulling a member
  2. Attempting to breach the ERYC whistle blowing policy.

as such I believe he must be sacked with immediate effect.

I have registered a formal complaint against Nigel Pearson.

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