A1079 Wilberfoss Blind Spot – Action

In A1079 Wilberfoss Blind Spot, just before Christmas, I raised concerns about the brown signs.

a1079-wilberfoss-blind-spot-2I am delighted to say that:

“Officers noted whilst on site that many drivers using the Wilberfoss access onto the A1079 do not stop at the give way lines but stop a few metres behind the give way line, roughly in line with the kerb.  From this position, whilst the sight line is still adequate, it could be improved by the relocation of the brown signs to the ends of the sign assembly and I shall arrange for this to be carried out.”

In addition. with regard to the hedge requiring cutting back:

“this request has been passed to the Grounds Maintenance Team.”

Could this reduce the Wilberfoss A1079 West Junction accident rate?

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