In Support Of Humberside Police

This morning I went to discuss Victim of Police Intimidation and Harassment with Humberside Police as I believe I have been subjected to a conspiracy to harass by two Conservative Ward Councillors and a Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Councillor.


The Police are now fully aware that I did not private message Kerri or her children. Indeed Kerri has produce no evidence to support this.

I believe both Ward Councillors, Kerri Harold and Dee Sharpe, have wasted Police time asking them to deal with that which is political. Humberside Police will now deliver a message to both Ward Councillors and the PTC Councillor.

It turns out that Humberside Police came to my house to give me advice with regards the photoon above which they say some may find offensive. I believe that more people would find the photo below offensive than the photoon above.

I Support Humberside Police

Humberside Police have plenty to deal with without being dragged into political issues. I fully support this and I politely suggest that the Conservatives give this consideration in the future.

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