Pocklington Provincial Planning Shame

At the Western Area Planning Sub-Committee this afternoon the planning committee once again agreed a planning application that the residents of Pocklington Provincial opposed. The vote was 5 to 4.co-op-pock

Thank You Conservatives

I would like to thank the four Conservative Councillors who voted against the development including Councillor Mike Stathers from Wolds Weighton.

My Submission To The Planning Sub-Committee

“I am not here to represent a political party or a developer, I am here to represent the residents of Pocklington Provincial.

Over recent months this committee have ignored residents opinion on planning applications in Sutton upon Derwent, Stamford Bridge and Pocklington.

Our roads are congested, there is nowhere to park, our drains are overflowing and soon our schools will not be able to cope.

The decisions made by those on this committee has turned Pocklington Provincial into a car park and a flood plain with no thought for the infrastructure.

I request that this committee refuses this and all future major planning applications for Pocklington Provincial until such time as ERYC carry out a full review into the infrastructure in Pocklington Provincial.

I have three fundamental objections to this development.

  1. There are not enough parking spaces. The data used is national not for Pocklington Provincial.
  2. It will cost approximately 30 jobs.
  3. The three-story structures are out of keeping as none of the surrounding buildings are more than two stories high.”
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