Pock Jigsaw Club Nominated For Chairmans Award

I am delighted to announce that the Pocklington Jigsaw Club has been nominated for an ERYC Chairman’s Award.


Recently, whilst visiting the Humber NHS Centre on George Street, my wife was delighted to come across Pocklington’s very own Jigsaw Library, a hidden gem for jigsaw lovers, like herself.

This little known treasure, in the very heart of Pocklington opens each Friday between 9.45 and 11.30am, thanks to the kindness of two ladies Stella Stubbs (Bishop Wilton) and Ros Moor (Pocklington) who give their time freely, ensuring this former WVS Club has continued to run for 25 years. In more recent years Evelyn Clark (Seaton Ross) has joined them to swell their ranks.


The club boasts an extensive selection of around 300 jigsaws, something to keep its’ members occupied during the dark winter nights, each available to rent for the affordable price of £0.40 pence per jigsaw. But without the Healthcare Centre’s generosity in facilitating use of a room free of charge, the Jigsaw Library would have closed years ago. Thanks to this kind act of community service every penny received is reinvested in new stock. Indeed, only recently the ladies purchased £300 of new jigsaws.

I popped in to visit the ladies myself last Friday and personally thank Stella, Ros and Evelyn for maintaining such a superb resource in Pocklington and invite all jigsaw lovers to join them on a Friday morning. There’s no membership fee, and you’ll receive a warm reception with many hours of enjoyment ahead.

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