ERYC Must Permit Accompanied Meetings

In a meeting today with a senior ERYC officer I was shocked to learn that ERYC do not generally permit residents and/or business owners to be accompanied at meetings with officers.


The officer informed me that under certain circumstances ERYC would permit accompanied meetings. No East Riding resident/business owner should be forced to reveal why they want to be accompanied.

ERYC must never forget that they serve the residents. Some meetings may involve two officers and one resident.

We must ensure that all residents/business owners feel comfortable in any meetings with ERYC.

I have requested that Nigel Pearson, ERYC Chief Executive changes ERYC policy and permits accompanied meetings.

If Nigel declines my request I will put a motion before the Council.

ERYC must be welcoming at all times to those who pay their wages.

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