Voting Against ERYC Budget

In todays  Yorkshire Post I state I will not be supporting the ERYC budget on Thursday which will increase council tax by Explained

ERYC can increase the regular Council Tax by 1.99% without a referendum. Then they can increase it by an additional 6% over three years for adult care.


For adult care ERYC are adding 3% this year, 3% next year and 0% in April 2019 one month before the next election.

Anyone for a bit of early electioneering?

Residents Incomes

The increase of 4.99% is by far outstripping any increases in residents incomes. This is why we must only raise it by 3.99% per annum to help residents.

Officers Withhold Information

In addition, I am unable to vote for the budget as senior ERYC officers have withheld information from me which I require to consider the budget.

Surely they are not trying to cover anything up?

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