Electioneering Before Family Budgets

Today ERYC voted 52 – 4 in favour of raising the council tax by 4.99%. I had no issue with the 1.99% aspect but I believe the 3% for adult care should have been 2%.tax-increaseERYC can increase the council tax by 6% over the next three years. Consideration should have been given to family budgets with a 2% per year increase for the next three years.

Instead, the Conservative controlled council, voted for a 3% this year which will give them the option of a 0% in April 2019. This is one month before the election.

I voted against the 4.99% increase as I believe family budgets should come before electioneering. The three Liberal Democrats also voted against the budget.

It is a disgrace that Local Authorities are allowing the National Conservative Government to pass national taxation down to council tax payers. If all Local Authorities voted against this the National Government would have to address the issue.

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