Co-op Development – Time For Truth

Having been approached by Pocklington Town Council (PTC) to give a statement on what happened at the Coop planning application meeting, and after reading the latest discussion about what took place at County Hall, Beverley on Tuesday 17 January when planning permission was narrowly granted 5 to 4 for the Coop retail store to be developed into residential accommodation, I think it is about time that the people of Pocklington were treated with respect and told the truth.


I was the only Ward Councillor to attend the hearing and spoke up on behalf of Pocklington residents for the planning application to be refused. Your two Conservative Ward Councillors, West and Mole failed to attend. I believe had they both attended this decision would have been very different. No PTC Councillor attended.

Mayor David Sykes states in the Pocklington Post

“We don’t think that consideration was given to the reduction of retail space in a growing community that needed additional space, not less”

This is incorrect. The subject of the loss of retail space in Pocklington was discussed at length and I believe was the main reason several councillors voted against the application.

The Town Council are now considering embarking upon a Judicial Review to overturn the planning decision. Residents should be aware that this could cost in the region of £30,000. Before doing so it is imperative that they are confident in their facts. I believe that it would be wise to present their evidence in front of a Barrister before proceeding further.

If the Barrister advises PTC to proceed I am willing to provide a statement at that point.

Meeting Offer

I would like to invite PTC Mayor David Sykes, PTC Clerk, a PTC Councillor and Pocklington Post to a meeting fully open to the public and video recorded. The meeting to take place on the morning of Monday 20 February.

Meeting Agenda

  1. The Co-op development
  2. Opposing future major planning developments in Pocklington
  3. The role of a Parish/Town Council and a Ward Councillor
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