Disgraceful Tories

At yesterdays Full Council meeting the ERYC Tories hit a new low. The Tories had “gone beyond its remit” appointing Alan Menzies as Deputy Chief Executive.

Photoon 13

UKIP Councillor David Robson put forward an amendment against accepting the appointment as due process was not followed.

All opposition Councillors supported the amendment to the proposal as the role should have been advertised and accused the ruling Conservative group of a lack of a transparency over the issue.

The amendment was supported by UKIP x 1, Liberal Democrats x 3, Labour x 5, Independent x 6 and Dominic Peacock. The amendment failed 16 to 42 as Parnaby and his whipped puppets voted against the amendment in favour of ignoring due process.

Parish Council Insult

Not happy at such conduct Parnaby then insulted the Councillors who voted in favour of the amendment by in effect saying they should go back to Parish Councils. At this point a heated exchanged took place across the floor between myself and Parnaby.


Strangeway – “Disgraceful”

Parnaby (standing to his feet and showing signs of anger issues) “Withdraw”

Strangeway – “No chance. That is my opinion.”


After showing himself up Parnaby had no choice but to wind his neck in and continue with the meeting.

Further Information

Please read Hull Daily Mail

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