ERYC Code Of Conduct In Disarray

Today, Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer has issued a statement that puts the ERYC Code of Conduct in a state of disarray.


Mathew Buckley Statement

“I cannot provide a definitive statement as to how the requirements of the Code of Conduct work.

I also cannot provide you with a list of activities that Councillors undertake in their official capacity but which they are not required to do.

I also cannot provide a definitive statement of what a Councillor does in their  official capacity.”

Such a statement makes the Code of Conduct subjective, in a state of disarray and not fit for purpose.


On my About page is the following disclaimer:

“Opinions and statements published on the ‘Andy Strangeway Independent’ blog are those of the owner, Andy Strangeway, private individual, and not those of Councillor Andy Strangeway, elected member of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.”

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