ERYC Tories Breach Code Of Conduct

At the Full Council Meeting of 22 February 2017 I believe all 42 Tory Councillors breached the ERYC Code of Conduct by voting against an amendment which called for due process to be followed.


The ERYC Code of Conduct states:

“You must not conduct yourself in a manner that could reasonably be regarded as
bringing your office or authority into disrepute.”

I am of the opinion that by 42 Tory Councillors voting against due process they have all conducted themselves in a manner that could reasonably be regarded as bringing their office or authority into disrepute.

Councillors Named

The following Councillors all voted against due process being followed.

Councillors Abraham, Aird, Barrett, C Bayram, L Bayram, Birmingham, Bryan, A Burton, R Burton, Chadwick, Dennis, Evison, Fox, Fraser, Galbraith, Green, Hall, Harold, Harrap, Healing, Holtby, Kingston, Lisseter, Matthews, McMaster, Medini, Meredith, Mole, Owen, Parnaby OBE, Pearson, Pollard, Rudd, Sharpe, Skow, Smith, Stathers, Steel, Temple, Turner, Walker and West.
Formal Complaint 
I have submitted a formal complaint against all 42 Tory Councillors.
As part of the complaint I have requested that none of the 42 sit on the Standards Committee to hear the complaint.
In addition, I have also requested that the six Tory Councillors, Aitken, Cracknell, Elvidge, Horton,Tucker and Wilkinson, who did not attend the meeting, are also not permitted to sit on the standards committee to hear the complaint. It is reasonable to believe if they had attended the meeting they would also have been whipped to vote against the amendment.
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