PTC Advised By Barrister Over Co-op Development

On February 16 I published Co-op Development – Time For Truth in which I advised

“The Town Council are now considering embarking upon a Judicial Review to overturn the planning decision. Residents should be aware that this could cost in the region of £30,000. Before doing so it is imperative that they are confident in their facts. I believe that it would be wise to present their evidence in front of a Barrister before proceeding further.”


I am pleased to hear that PTC have spoken to a Barrister who advised them not to continue with a Judicial Review as it was doubtful if they could win. In addition to costing them a five-figure sum. Hopefully their solicitors bill for taking statements was not too big.

Moving Forward

Understanding the role of a Parish/Town Council and a Ward Councillor is fundamental if assistance is required to oppose planning applications.

It is a Ward Councillor who can represent residents not a Parish/Town Council when planning applications go before committee.

Your Ward Councillors

I encourage residents from Pocklington Provincial to seek assistance from any of their three Ward Councillors. They are:

  • Councillor Claude Mole – Conservative
  • Councillor Andy Strangeway – Independent
  • Councillor Kay West – Conservative
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