Sarah Davies Latest Complaint – No Action

Many who read local Facebook pages may have the opinion that Sarah Davies of Full Sutton has been obsessed with me for over a year.

Latest Complaint

Her latest complaint is that by my publishing of the above there has been “an invasion of her privacy and a breach of the Data Protection Act”

This is impossible, as she herself made the above public on her own Facebook!

Complaint – Part 2

Our Sarah then objected when I informed her employer of her obsessive conduct towards me.

As a Ward Councillor if I have information that there may be a risk to the reputation of a local business I believe it is my elected duty to inform said business.

In this case it is Pocklington School. Once again I will make them aware of the situation.

ERYC will now be forced to waste further time investigate part 2 of the complaint by Sarah Davies.

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