ERYC Corrupt To The Core

In the post, via a whistle-blower, I was shocked to receive an email dated 3 February 2017 in which Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer discriminates against me in clear breach of the ERYC Constitution.

The ERYC Constitution states on Page 242 – 2.3:

“Officers in dealing with individual Councillors must treat them all in a fair and even handed manner.”

All 14,000 ERYC officers must treat all 67 Councillors in an even-handed manner.

Buckley has clearly failed to do this. His position is now untenable and he must clear his desk with immediate effect.

Email Recipients

Disgracefully those who received the email are the ERYC Chief Executive, and all the Directors and Heads of Departments.

To my knowledge, not one of these questioned the sending of the email. Indeed I am informed that some dutifully cascaded the email to their staff.

All those senior officers who received the email and either failed to question the unacceptable nature of it and/or cascaded it are complicit.  Therefore they should all be subject to the ERYC disciplinary procedures.Public Apology

I am demanding an agreed full and unreserved public apology from all senior ERYC staff for their involvement in the Buckley Scandal.

This must be circulated to all staff and distributed to media.

Moving Forward

As all senior ERYC staff are implicated in the Buckley Scandal I believe the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government must address the full matter.

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