Arms Investments – Conservative/Labour ERYC Pact

Over recent years many have watched their TVs and every night been disgusted by the murder of innocent children in Syria and Yemen.East Riding residents will be shocked to learn that ERYC Pension Committee voted on Friday 17 March 2017 for their Pension Fund to continue to invest in arms.

The vote was 6 for and 2 against.

Those Against

Those For

Shameful Comments

The following are comments (not word-perfect) that three Tory Councillors made.

  • Councillor Meredith – Conservative – “Where does the line stop? A packet of cigs?” – If Councillor Meredith is unable to see the difference between a grown man buying a packet of cigs in Brough or dropping a cluster bomb on Brough killing 85 including children I would suggest that he is not fit to hold office.
  • Councillor Mole – Conservative – “The most important thing a country must do is defend their shore.” – This is military dictator rhetoric that has no place outside of North Korea or an African country where its leaders hold similar views while its citizens starve. I believe feeding the nations residents, having shelter, drinking water, education, health care etc is more important.
  • Councillor Wilkinson  – Conservative – “I would not be happy if my position was made public” – It is certainly made public. Perhaps your unhappiness may go someway to understand the grief that a mother feels when a British cluster bomb has killed her child.


We have Tories who believe the manufacture of cluster bombs and torture equipment is acceptable so that we may receive a few extra pennies in our pensions.

I am especially sadden that my fellow Pocklington Provincial Ward Councillor Claude Mole believes we must sell arms to disgusting regimes to enable us to defend our shores.

I will happily hold a public debate with Councillor Meredith, Mole and Wilkinson.

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