Potholes Denison Road, The Oval and Chapmangate

True to their word ERYC have come back with an update with regards potholes on Denison Road, The Oval and Chapmangate.

“A job ticket was issued yesterday to repair all the potholes on Denison Road and The Oval with an estimated completion date of 31/03/17 but expect the work to be carried out before this date.  

With regards to Chapmangate a request has been sent to the relative utilities company to replace the manhole cover at the junction with The Mile in time for the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race.  As the pothole is near the manhole a ticket has not been issued as this will be done during the replacement of the cover.  Should the pothole worsen before the cover is replaced a ticket will be issued to repair the pothole.”

Well done ERYC.

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