ERYC Admit Council Tax Failure

No Government body should ever mislead the public. When tax demands are issued they must be unambiguous and clearly understood.

ERYC and possibly every Local Authority in England have failed to do this in relation to this years Council Tax bills. Caroline Lacey, ERYC Director of Corporate Resources and in coming Chief Executive has stated:

“we are currently preparing information to be added to the Council’s website to help billpayers to understand how the increases are calculated and presented on their bills.”

This alone is inadequate as many East Riding Council Tax payers do not have internet access.

Legal Requirements

Legislation in relation to how a Council Tax bill is issued is covered by the Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 Statutory Instrument No.13

The adult social care precept must be displayed as a percentage calculated by deducting the previous years charge from the current year.

For ERYC the percentage change, as applicable to my Band B CT bill (£18.85 rising to £48.26) is a rise of 156% not 3% as stated.

If the legislation does not state this it is clearly ambiguous and should be revoked or amended.

Moving Forward

I have offered to meet Caroline Lacey today or tomorrow.

In addition I have raised the issue with my MP Sir Greg Knight and requested a meeting with him.

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