Persimmon Mile Development – Application Remains Invalid

I can confirm that the Permission Mile Development application remains invalid.

Meeting Offer

ERYC have their advisors and I have mine. In essence we all desire the same outcome – a safe flood alleviation scheme for Pocklington.

As my advisors and I do have an alternative solution, without the high risk and for no extra cost, I have proposed a meeting with Alan Menzies, ERYC Director, next week between ourselves and our advisors to move our collective objectives forward.

ERYC Misleading Statement

In this weeks Pocklington Post Alan Menzies is quoted to say:

“It is not unusual for dwellings to be created close to a reservoir”

Although the Pocklington Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) must fulfil requirements under the Reservoir Act the issue I raised is about houses never been built so near a bund not a reservoir.

Pock Town Council Support 

I am rather surprised to read that Pock Town Council support the FAS but require further clarification.

How can they support it but at the same time request further clarification?

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