Pock Crossing Obstructs Disabled People – Part 2

As I still await a response to Pock Crossing Obstructs Disabled People I now publish Part 2. The reason stated for spending £15,000 on The Pavement footpath is that it was not safe to cross the car park.

Unfortunately that is exactly what those in wheelchairs have been forced to do after the spending of £15,000.

The dropped kerb onto the footpath is next to a drain (this should be a solid drain cover) and also at the most narrow point of the footpath. This makes it impossible for many wheelchair users to manoeuvre. There should be tactile paving for the dropped kerbs and they should be opposite each other.

In addition, a “No Entry” notice needs to be at this junction and the dropped kerbs need to be put in on the “footpath” across the car park entrance.

I have requested that ERYC address the issues I raise.

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