Pocklington Church – What A Mess

Last night residents of Pocklington contacted me to outcry the yellow painted steps which now adorn the grounds of All Saints’ Church, Pocklington.

Presumably these “decorations” have been added in anticipation of the Tour de Yorkshire which visits Pocklington on 28th April?

I’m shocked that this important Grade I listed building has been defaced in such a way, on consecrated ground, and ask who authorised these alterations and question what value has been added to the town by defacing its’ church in such a way?

As custodians of historic buildings repairs and alterations should add legitimate value. In this case I can see no gain and therefore request on behalf of the many people of Pocklington who have expressed their disgust that the steps are immediately returned to their original state, using the appropriate materials and techniques for such work.

I have referred the matter to ERYC, Pocklington Town Council and Pocklington Church.

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