Independent Group Statement – Alleged Corruption

The following statement is issued by the ERYC Independent Group.

“Recent allegations by a retired property developer in Cottingham have raised serious doubts about the integrity of the planning system in East Riding, citing collusion over many years between councillors and senior employees in response to bribes from developers. However, these serious allegations are being brushed aside within County Hall as the normal outcry from a customer whose plan failed to gain approval.  

The official dismissal of each and every allegation without even a basic enquiry, combined with outright refusal even to investigate, fuels the suspicion of collusion and cover-up. Every councillor is therefore under public suspicion of criminal activity, as is every officer of the planning department and every local developer.

As councillors we have a duty to restore confidence in the system and clear the names of the innocent. East Riding of Yorkshire Council cannot possibly investigate the people and businesses outside the council who are implicated in this matter, and the matter cannot simply be dismissed by a council bureaucrat as ‘sour grapes’.

If there really is nothing to hide, and hopefully that is the case, we should all support and welcome an independent investigation by an appropriate authority. If we do not do the right thing we will be rightly perceived as champions of corruption.”

Councillor Ros Jump, Secretary, ERYC Independent Group

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