Mathew Buckley Attempts To Shoot The Messenger

I am disgusted to receive an email from Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services sent to myself and a fellow Independent stating:

“I have to advise you both that I consider that you need to take this posting down. I will be taking advice as to whether these comments could be seen as actionable and if they are you will both as author of the statement and publisher of the statement be potential defendants.”

Why is Mathew ignoring the allegations and attempting to shoot the messenger?

Public Message To Mathew Buckley

Dear Mathew,

Could I please refer you to Mathew Buckley attempts to shoot the messenger?

I find it rather ironic that the ERYC Head of Legal is seeking legal advice to silence members who seek transparency instead of instigating an investigation into the allegations.

Make no mistake the post remains. I look forward to receiving your letter before action.


Cllr Andy Strangeway

Pocklington Provincial Ward

Probity In Public Office

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