Peter Robinson – Further Communication and Allegations

This morning myself and others received the following email from Peter Robinson.

“Dear Councillors,

Having not yet met the new Chief Executive, Caroline Lacey, I am hesitant to criticise her, however it does appear that Cllr Parnaby has wasted no time in gathering up her strings.

It is unacceptable that after ten weeks, the questions in my original letter have not been addressed. Perhaps it is time for us all to re-read this letter of 7th February in order to remind ourselves of the extremely serious nature of these allegations.

Councillor Parnaby has found it easy to steer his team in the wrong direction but he knows very well that trying to stop me repeating the  allegations would not be successful as they are accurate. An untrue allegation against anyone, particularly someone surrounded by a legal team, would elicit an irate response within hours, not months, and I have heard nothing.

Answers will be found, even if this requires legal action and this is the reason for my attached letter to Caroline Lacey.


Peter Robinson”

Attached Letter

In addition there was an attached letter sent to Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive

The most interesting comment is:

“……..Cllr. Parnaby should have declared his membership of the Yacht Club during marina negotiations.”

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