Independent View – A Weaker Government

There are 67 Ward Councillors in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council 20 of these are in the East Yorkshire Constituency. The Constituency covers the north of the East Riding from Stamford Bridge in the West to Bridlington in the East.

Of those 20 Ward Councillors 15 are Conservative, 3 are UKIP, 1 is Labour and 1 Independent. As the only Independent Councillor in the Constituency I have witnessed first hand how all the politicial parties conduct themselves and vote on issues that effect residents, business and others.

As I am in such a unique position, over the next seven weeks I will share my thoughts on the election.

A Strong Government

Teressa May called the snap UK general election saying Brexit process needs a strong Government.

I believe she has made a mistake as she will end up with a weaker Government.

But perhaps she didn’t make a mistake.

As she was a remainer did she call the election to weaken her Government to thus have a soft Brexit?

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