Pocklington Bund – A White Elephant

East Riding of Yorkshire Council falsely informed residents that:

“The effects of flooding from the Pocklington Beck spilling over into the town centre during 2007, 2012 and 2015 has caused significant damage to business premises, residences and infrastructure.”

The fundamental objective of the proposed Pocklington Bund, costing £4million, is to prevent flooding as experienced in 2012 and 2015 as the bund will not prevent the flooding in 2007.

The Pocklington Bund is a white elephant as there was no significant damage in 2012 and 2015.

Consumer Rights Act 2015

I am of the opinion that, as the Pocklington Bund will be categorised as high risk upon completion, the developer must inform potential purchasers of this fact as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Key Stakeholders Objectives

  1. Landowner – To sell land for development.
  2. Developer – To build 200 houses.
  3. Residents – To address flooding that causes significant damage and have housing, including affordable housing, that can be insured and a mortgage raised on.
  4. ERYC – To represent residents, achieve their obligation to build houses including affordable houses and address Pocklington flooding that causes significant damage.

Simple Effective Solution

Address the two “hills” outside Danbys newsagent and at the mini roundabout/old railway crossing area.

This can be achieved in many ways for example the hills could be removed, high-capacity drains installed, permanent pumps fitted or the footpath dropped.

This would achieve all the key stakeholders objectives for a fraction of the cost.

Moving Forward

I have asked Alan Menzies, ERYC Director of Planning, to halt the white elephant project immediately.

In addition, I have requested him to organise a meeting at the earliest opportunity with the key stakeholders and the Environment Agency.

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