Pavement Pocklington – A Disability Disaster

Having read the Pavement, Pocklington Footpath – Work Instruction it is clear that ERYC have no understanding of basic disability legislation. How could the work cost £20,000?

It states that there is likely to be a positive impact for those with disability. What rubbish. The impact is a disaster for those with disabilities.

The Pocklington and Wolds Gateway Partnership have congratulated ERYC “works has been very well done”.

Gateway have representatives from Pocklington Town Council and ERYC. The ERYC representatives are Councillor West and Councillor Mole.

How is it possible that neither PTC, Gateway, Councillor West, Councillor Mole or ERYC collectively have no understanding of disability legislation?

Due to my concerns I have asked for a full Access Audit from outwith ERYC.

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