Pavement – Access Audit Conclusion

I have received the full access audit in relation to the disability issues at the Pavement. I have forwarded the full report to ERYC officers but share the conclusion below. The full report will be shared in due course.


  1. The footway, far from having a positive effect for disabled people, is actually hazardous especially to visually impaired people, people with ambulant mobility impairments and wheelchair users. I recommend getting an independent and NRAC registered access consultant to advise on urgent remedy work before someone is seriously injured.
  2. Given that this has been approved and signed off by ERYC officials, I also recommend urgent training for all ERYC decision makers, engineers and building contractors on accessible design and the Public Sector Equality Duty. There is also an obvious necessity to commission extensive training on disability equality and awareness.
  3. ERYC also needs to pay urgent attention to its policies and practices around due regard and equality impact assessments and assess whether they really do satisfy the standards set out in the Technical Guidance for ‘due regard’.
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