B1246 Kilnwick Road Accident

Just after 16.00 yesterday there was an accident near to the junction of Denison Road and the B1246 Kilnwick Road. The paramedic confirmed to me that the girl was not seriously injured. The police, ambulance and motorbike paramedic attended the scene which was west of the photo below.

Last November I met with the Chair of Governors for Woldgate School and raised our concerns with ERYC.

ERYC Response

The matter of speeding on the B1246 Kilnwick Road was raised my a member of the public in October of this year and I am pleased to inform you that the Traffic and Parking Team have commissioned a speed survey to be undertaken in proximity to Woldgate College in the coming weeks.  The results of the traffic survey will be assessed under the Council’s Speed Management Procedure to determine whether Kilnwick Road would meet the criteria for Police Enforcement.  The results will also show whether Kilnwick Road would be suitable for a 20mph speed limit.  If the speeds are at or below 24mph then the Council may consider the installation of a part time advisory 20mph speed limit during school hours. If speeds are in excess of the current the 30mph speed limit we would not look to introduce a 20mph limit as this would mean forcing drivers to travel at 20mph with the use of traffic calming features. Road safety schemes such as traffic calming are only considered at sites where there is an existing collision history. In the case of Kilnwick Road there have been 2 recorded injury collisions in the previous 3 year period neither of which was attributed to speed or outside of Woldgate College.  Until we receive the results of the speed survey the Council is unable to advise any further on what, if any, measures can be recommended. Once the results become available and have been assessed I will write again.

With regard to your other requests:

  • Percy Road – A crossing for the top of Percy Road. This is supported by Woldgate College,
  • B1246 Kilnwick Road – Woldgate College have requested I make enquiries with regards a crossing where the buses tend to park up when dropping off or picking up.

These requests will be added to the Traffic and Parking workload for further investigation. Due to an increased workload we estimate 3 months for investigations to be fully complete, my Officers will write directly to you once investigations are completed.

Moving Forward

I will refer to ERYC and request everything is revisited and that consideration is given to the erection of 30mph signs on this stretch of road.

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