Independent View – Greg Knight – The Truth 1

As we are now just over a month away from the election I believe we need to examine the record of how Conservative Greg Knight voted. I am in no doubt if Greg Knight does not stand whoever stands in his place will vote exactly the same.

The Tories want us to believe the election is only about Brexit. Could this be a distraction technique in an attempt to avoid all the other issues?

Reduce ERYC Funding

Greg Knight almost always voted for reducing central government funding of local government.

5 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2010–2017.

This has resulted in ERYC being one of the lowest funded councils in the country. When voting on this years ERYC budget all of the Conservative and Labour Councillors voted to accept the budget.

Only the Liberal Democrats and myself voted against the budget.

Tory Representation

The Tory Council and our Tory MP voted in favour of reducing central government funding for ERYC.

In the East Riding we are clearly not safe in Tory hands.

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