Andy Strangeway – Independent

Andy Strangeway – Independent is stated in plain English at the top of this site. This site is not the site of Councillor Andy Strangeway. We all have many different identities and roles in life. I am no different. I am a husband, son, adventurer, real ale drinker, Yorkshireman, Buddhist and Councillor.

I have just explained this to ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey in relation to complaints by Sarah Davies, Full Sutton and Sheila Wright, Huggate. I also explained that this site was established on 10th March 2016 as my political site. This was nearly a month before I became an ERYC Councillor.

I refer Ms Davies, Ms Wright and ERYC legal department to my disclaimer:

“Opinions and statements published on the ‘Andy Strangeway Independent’ blog are those of the owner, Andy Strangeway, private individual, and not those of Councillor Andy Strangeway, elected member of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.”

The following local journalists have similar disclaimers

  • Angus Young – Hull Daily Mail
  • Daniel Willers – York Press
  • Poppy Kennedy – Pocklington Post

I have informed Caroline Lacey of the following and look forward to receiving a signed statement:

“I reserve my right to publish whatever I so choose on my Andy Strangeway – Independent site including a report on this Code of Conduct complaint and name Sarah Davies and Sheila Wright whenever I choose. 

I will always respect the laws of the UK but the Code of Conduct cannot be applied to my blog. If ERYC legal department disagrees with this I request a signed statement which I will refer to my advisors.” 
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