Kilnwick Road Accident – ERYC Response

I would like to thank ERYC officers for their prompt response to my enquiry with can be seen below. I fully support the report. The Police haven’t finalised their findings/statement yet.

Kilnwick Road vehicle speed

The average speed was recorded at 29.8mph and the 85% tile speed (the speed at which or below 85% of drivers travel) at 35.2mph. An assessment of the results has been made which awards points based on the number and proportion of drivers exceeding the speed limit, recorded personal injury collisions and degree of severance caused by the traffic flow (difficulty crossing the road due to traffic).  The Police have agreed to enforce the speed limit if the rating awarded is 16 or above. Between 12 – 15 our Road Safety Team will deploy temporary Speed Indication Devices (SIDs); below this rating the Council will take no further action. This criteria is in place to manage Police resources to target the worst sites.

The rating awarded to Kilnwick Road is 5 which does not qualify for speed enforcement or involvement by our Road Safety Section. As the speeds are above 24mph there would be little compliance with a 20mph speed limit unless there were physical measures installed and the accident history does not warrant this level of action.

(NB – I have seen the report and can confirm this to be correct – Andy)

Speed limit signs

Highway Authorities are not allowed by the Regulations to install 30 repeaters in 30mph speed limits. This is because roads with carriageway lighting automatically defaults as a 30mph speed limit unless it is signed otherwise. Therefore, any roads that are not 30mph but still have carriageway lighting must have repeaters to remind drivers of the speed limit.

Zebra crossing request – Kilnwick Road outside Woldgate College

There are safety concerns with installing Zebra crossings where there are low numbers of pedestrians crossing as motorists don’t get used to stopping for pedestrians and it can actually increase the risk to pedestrians rather than improve it. Therefore, even if there are two peaks during the day when school children/parents cross, this would not be sufficient to recommend or justify a Zebra crossing.

Percy Road – Zebra crossing at junction with Kilnwick Road

There is currently a refuge at the north end of Percy Road to help pedestrians cross the road. Although there may be peaks in pedestrian numbers at school arrival/departure times, the current refuge facility helps pedestrians cross the road in two stages and gives them a safe area to wait.


In these circumstances on roads outside schools, we would normally look at what school warning signing/lining it doesn’t have. In this case, the road has ‘school’ warning markings on red surfacing and yellow backed school flashing signs which activate at school arrival/leaving times. The approach coming into Pocklington also has the 30mph speed limit terminal signs, 30 roundels marked on the road, a substantial gateway treatment including 3 slow markings, dragon’s teeth  and 3 patches of red surfacing.

There are no other measures we would recommend to be added to this.

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