Sutton Upon Derwent Planning

After the Western Area planning on Tuesday 21 March Sutton Upon Derwent residents questioned what ERYC Planning Officer, Chris Hodgson had stated about the disabled bungalow already been built. The following are two residents statements:

  1. “Chris Hodgson stated that he had “been on the site several times and the disabled bungalow has been built.” – This is untrue.”
  2. ”I was disappointed to hear the Planning officer Chris Hodgson give the clear indication to the meeting that the large 6 bed invalid capable lodge was built and appeared to refer to other lodges having invalid capability, whilst stating that he had several visits to the site. The 6 bed lodge to the best of my knowledge is not built.”

Please read Alan Menzies, Director of Planning reply

Statement from Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council

The Planning Officer “cannot recall” but numerous residents, the Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council and myself who attended can.

I have referred the matter to Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive.

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