Pam Allen Crossed Red Line

ERYC officers’ private lives are no business of Councillors and Councillors’ private lives are no business of ERYC officers. This is a red line that should never be crossed.

Sadly, Pam Allen, in her ERYC role of the Head of Children and Young People’s Support and Safeguarding Services, has crossed the red line by reporting me under the ERYC Code of Conduct for that which I have undertaken in my private life – posting on my personal site.

I have requested the following from Pam Allen, via Caroline Lacey, in an attempt to reinforce the red line:

  1. A full and unreserved apology on ERYC headed paper for bringing my personal life before the Standards Committee.
  2. An agreed out of court settlement.

If the apology and out of court settlement is not appropriate I will start to investigate the private lives of senior ERYC officers starting with Pam Allen.

If the red line can now be crossed by officers it can also be crossed by Councillors.

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