ERYC – Parnaby And Friends

In the past one and a half months four of the seven senior officers have received internal promotion. Why has there been no external appointment? I am of the opinion that this is cronyism by ERYC Leader Councillor Stephen Parnaby who has sat on all four selections.

Alan Menzies


  • Caroline Lacey – Director to Chief Executive
  • Alan  Menzies Director to Deputy Chief Executive/Director
  • Darren Stevens – Head to Director
  • Paul Bellotti – Head to Director

For further information please see CMT and SMT Structure May 2017


I have submitted the following questions to Caroline Lacey.

  1. Have the two recently filled Directorships been publically advertised?
  2. If so, where?
  3. If so, for how long?
  4. If so, how many external applicants applied for each post?
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