ERYC Safeguarding Lock Down

Last Wednesday I published ERYC Safeguarding Cover Up. After this I have been contacted by those who have first hand experience of how ERYC safeguarding operate in cover up mode.

The modus operandi at ERYC safeguarding appears to be discredit, deflect and never admit your failings. All of this is made possible by cronyism that is internal promotions.

Local Media

Local media are indirectly silenced by ERYC with the carrot that is advertising revenue.

Meeting Request

I have requested a meeting with Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, on Thursday afternoon. Whether she agrees to this meeting or not I will start to expose serious failings within ERYC safeguarding.

Time To Expose

As long as I am an ERYC Councillor there will never be a safeguarding cover up that goes on for years like it did in Rotherham and North Yorkshire.

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